A Privileged Life
In The Green

Architectural Concept

A Privileged Life in the Green

Gümüş Bahçe Konak was developed with the theme that peace comes from being in green, using green and valuing green. With its user-centered smart module architectural design and modern building systems, it offers its residents' unique spaces with a superior comfort that they create.

Specialize Your Space

Your Mansion, Your Choice

Gümüş Bahçe Konak prioritizes comfortable and functional use with all its living spaces, large garden and spaces customized according to your needs. With our interior architecture and landscape consultancy service, we offer you the peace of mind you dream of with a system that can only be realized for you.

Landscape and Exterior Spaces

Green Lovers Come Together

The architectural project understanding that creates the right distance between the mansions with the advantage of the garden-oriented life of the mansions by keeping the neighborhood ties strong, offers you special and warm spaces where you can realize your life as you wish.

Your New Home is Right at the Intersection of City and Green


One of the biggest advantages of Gümüş Bahçe Konak is that it is minutes away from many important points of city life, as well as being in a peaceful location in the green. Adjacent to TED Edirne College, 4 km to Edirne Bus Terminal and TEM Highway connection, 5 km to Trakya University Medical Faculty, 7 km to Edirne Sultan 1. Murat State Hospital, 11 km to Edirne Center, 8 km to the Courthouse, 200m to Kırklareli New Connection Road It has an attractive location.

Floor Plans

Flawless Quality

Gümüş İnşaat

Gümüş İnşaat started its activities in 2002 with the aim of providing general contracting services, concentrating on superstructure, infrastructure, road constructions, urban landscaping, prefabricated buildings, steel structures and large repair areas and increasing its business volume in public institutions, organizations and private sector projects. It is among the strong and respected companies of the region with its organizational structure developing in the light of its forward-thinking and innovative vision and its stable performance, sustainable growth. Using its 18 years of work experience and technical competencies, it has successfully completed numerous projects such as universities, hospitals, residences, schools, roads, treatment facilities, sports facilities and industrial facilities.